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How and when to take progesterone during pregnancy? We know, therefore, that progesterone is generally produced by the woman’s body in a natural way. However, there are some conditions for which it becomes extremely recommended to take it. It is clearly the gynecologist who establishes the presence of these conditions: in fact, progesterone. Should never be taken without the doctor’s indication . Having assessed the situation as a whole, from the state of health of the woman to that of the fetus, through the family history and any concomitant pathologies, the gynecologist can recommend a therapy based on tablets. Creams, vaginal ovules, intramuscular injections or, in extreme cases, drip.

In this context

Taking progesterone during Sweden Phone Number Data pregnancy is indicated in different cases and at different stages of pregnancy. The first and most common is the one in which the future mother risks miscarriage in the first months: in this situation, progesterone inhibits the expulsion process and creates a safe environment for the fetus. The second case, also quite common, is the one in which the fetus. Still in the first months of pregnancy, has small difficulties in growing or developing within the expected time frame. progesterone supplementation allows the right support for the baby before the placenta produces it in the quantities necessary to give it all the necessary sustenance.

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The third case

Concerns preparation for childbirth: in the Canada Phone Number List final stages of pregnancy, the gynecologist can prescribe a progesterone-based therapy to prepare the mammary glands for breastfeeding and to maintain normal hormone levels so that the entire body is ready to the event. Finally, in some cases the administration of progesterone may be recommended to stimulate. These are losses , especially blood losses . As a general rule, however, we recommend that you contact your doctor if you experience any side effects.  Bone growth in pregnant women.

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