What Is Normal Oxygen Saturation and What Does It Mean

Having a normal oxygen saturation is an important indicator of health, signaling that the respiratory system is functioning well. What Is Normal Furthermore, it suggests that the blood is receiving adequate volume of O2, which in turn reveals that the body is being well oxygenated. On the other hand, a saturation at low levels can represent a concern, since this can be a symptom of respiratory problems . Should you be concerned about this? In fact, yes, as there are not few Brazilians who suffer from some type of lung problem . In this sense, I quote a survey by Boehringer-Ingelheim , which identified that 44% of the population suffers from some type of symptom related to diseases that affect the lungs or airways. Even so, saturation measurement is not a very common procedure, when it should be.

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In it you will understand what is normal blood oxygen saturation, how to measure it, reference values ​​and more. Follow along until the end, clear your doubts and learn about Morsch solutions for cases like this. What is normal oxygen saturation? Measured in percentages, oxygen saturation indicates how much of this essential Laos Phone Number Data compound for life circulates in the bloodstream . For this, what is sought is the relationship between hemoglobin bound to O2 and “loose” hemoglobin. Therefore, the closer to 100% this proportion is, the healthier the body will be. Remembering that a saturation index considered normal is usually above 95%. The exceptions in this case are people with chronic respiratory impairments such as COPD or asthma . For them, saturation can fluctuate around 90%, which is still considered normal. In healthy people, however, a decrease in saturation by percentages below 90% is a strong indicator of serious problems , such as anemia , pneumonia or heart failure. In these cases.

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The sick person to the hospital, in order to receive emergency care. As happens with asthmatics and people with bronchitis , for example. Importance of measuring saturation It is true that saturation becomes an important parameter to assess the state of general health . Especially of the respiratory system. It is, like blood pressure . Heart rate and blood sugar levels, an important index to guide medical diagnoses.Being fundamental B2B Phone List to detect these and other health problems, saturation is also used as a control instrument . Allowing to know if a treatment is being successful or not. Also for this reason, saturation measurement has recently gained prominence, as it is one of the ways to diagnose and treat the coronavirus . Saturation what is the relationship? Because it is a disease that affects the respiratory system, Covid-19 leads to a decrease in oxygen saturation . Among the symptoms of this disease, the feeling of tightness in the chest , difficulty breathing, severe coughing and tiredness stand out . The virus that causes the disease reaches the lungs.

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