How to Identify If There Are No Symptoms?

Did you know that there is silent pneumonia ? Those who suffer from this condition do not have the traditional symptoms of the disease, such as shortness of breath, fever and chest pain. As everything seems fine, it is common for the patient to take a long time to seek help . He seeks medical help only when his lungs are already severely compromised. The picture is serious, as it leads to hypoxia – which compromises the supply of oxygen to the body’s cells, increasing the risk of death. So, how to discover silent pneumonia if there are no classic symptoms? In this article, you will see that it is possible to identify small signs that something is wrong with the respiratory system, allowing an early diagnosis. Throughout the reading, I explain what these discreet signs are and which doctor to see. A good option for keeping preventive care up to date is telemedicine.

Which makes it possible to observe pneumonia

If the topic is of interest to you, go ahead and enjoy reading. What is silent pneumonia? Silent pneumonia is a popular term that refers to cases in which there is no typical manifestation of the disease. That is, when there are no symptoms of pneumonia . Remembering that pneumonia is a lung infection that can reach Lebanon Phone Number Data different parts of that organ. According to the Ministry of Health, signs of pathology include: high fever Cough Chest pain Mental confusion Generalized dis-ease Blood pressure changes Shortness of breathe Discharge of purulent mucus (phlegm) that is yellowish or greenish in color Toxemia (damage caused by toxins carried by the blood) Weakness. These symptoms are not observed in victims of silent pneumonia, who may only notice the disease when they experience a sudden worsening. If not treated in a timely manner, the infection can be fatal . Why can pneumonia be silent.

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There is no consensus on the factors

That can prevent the manifestation of typical symptoms from the beginning of the infection in the lungs . However, the term “silent pneumonia” has gained prominence in the last year, especially due to its relationship with severe cases of Covid-19 . Remembering that the pathology is caused by a respiratory virus, with the B2B Phone List possibility of generating infectious conditions in the lungs. Right at the beginning of the pandemic. Doctors from different countries reported a different type of pneumonia in victims of the coronavirus. These people appeared to be doing well, but their oxygen saturation was low . The problem should cause discomfort such as shortness of breath and weakness, however, there were no symptoms. If they weren’t examined for other reasons, they only rushed to the emergency room when their lungs were seriously compromised . One of the explanations may be the existence of different ranges of manifestation of pneumonia from individual to individual. Interfering with the perception of the disease.

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