Understand How Telemedicine Works in Pulmonology

Telemedicine in pulmonology allows the provision of remote reports and second medical opinions, expanding access to quality diagnoses. By enabling the remote interpretation of exams such as spirometry . Works in Pulmonology This specialty has become popular in clinics, offices and hospitals throughout Brazil. If you want to know more about the applications, tests met and how your business can benefit from telepneumology, continue reading this article. Infographic about telepneumology From now on, I will bring the main information about telemedicine and talk about the main concepts that guide this discipline, favoring the identification and monitoring of chronic respiratory diseases. What is telemedicine in pulmonology? Telemedicine in pulmonology is a specialty that uses information and communication technologies (ICTs) to safely share pulmonological data. Also called telepneumology, this discipline provides the basis for services such as the interpretation of diagnostic tests in pulmonology at a distance.

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Pulmonologists can also guide other healthcare professionals remotely, issuing a second opinion on complex cases. Versatile, pneumological telemedicine provides diagnostic support to exams with clinical purposes (for the investigation of pathologies) and occupational purposes (for the follow-up required by Occupational Medicine standards). What is the importance of telemedicine in pulmonology? Telemedicine in pulmonology is an intelligent option to fill the shortage of specialists that affects several Malaysia Phone Number Data Brazilian cities, especially those far from large urban centers. This is because the specialty covers the absence of pulmonologists, who are specialists authorized by the Federal Council of Medicine to prepare and sign respiratory tract examination reports. With the help of telemedicine in pulmonology, small clinics and hospitals can include spirometry in their portfolio, just by investing in a digital device and training a nursing technician to conduct the test.

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Remotely by a telemedicine partner. As highlighted in the study published in the Portuguese Journal of Pulmonology, the specialty also represents cost reduction and greater productivity for health units. Telemedicine in pulmonology: several physicians already use the report service As it is a very important and delicate area B2B Phone List of ​​medicine, pulmonology requires fast, accurate and reliable results and diagnoses. Hence the importance of contracting a telemedicine service, which eliminates the geographic barrier and connects clinics, offices and hospitals to specialists. All communication is done through a modern platform, which protects information and adds agility to the dynamics of issuing reports . Although it involves technological innovations, telemedicine has existed for decades, serving different specialties with all the comfort. So much so that the more structured systems, such as Morsch’s, handle cardiological.

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